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When you find yourself caught up in one of life’s “tight” times, we’re ready to listen and to help. Our ministers will welcome the opportunity to visit with you. We’ll assist you in your discovery of both the Word and will of God for you.

Our ministers and elders offer pastoral care which is grounded in Scripture and prayer. Brentwood Oaks does not employ licensed professional counselors. If our conversations suggest that you would benefit from the services of a licensed counselor whose practices are also Biblically based, we will offer you a list of such men and women who are active members of Austin-area Christian congregations.

We partner with Austin LifeCare in the care of women and men dealing with unanticipated pregnancies. Teachers at Austin LifeCare offer the Austin LifeChange Bible Study, which is an excellent resource offering encouragement and hope to men and women whose lives have been damaged by sexual sin.

Appointments with Brentwood Oaks staff can be made through our church office.