Since we know Jesus Christ as Lord, we want to make Him known to others. This is a priority for Brentwood Oaks. Today we are active in local missions, such as FriendSpeak and World Bible School. We support Christian workers in Guatemala through our association with Health Talents International. We share in ministry with Meagan Hawley who serves at The Haven in Zambia. We partner with the Dye and Hill families in their work in Sao Luis, Brazil. We encourage BOCC members to participate in short-term mission trips, taking the good news of what God has done in Christ to people to need to hear it.



We are excited to be partners in church planting evangelism with the Sao Luis Mission Team. Co-sponsored with the Northside Church of Christ in San Antonio, we provide spiritual encouragement and financial support to two families who moved to Sao Luis in December of 2017. Additional details for the Dye and Hill families can be found at You can also find up to date information on their Facebook page at Sao Luis Team.

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Since 2012, Brentwood Oaks has shared a partnership in the gospel with Meagan Hawley. Meagan is the Medical and Developmental Advocate at The Haven on the Namwianga Mission in Kalomo, Zambia. The Haven serves as an infant and child nurture program. Many of the children who arrive at the Haven do so following the death of the mother and are uniformly malnourished. As these children regain their health and strength, and when their extended family is able to care for them, they are re-united with their home village. Congregations are both established and strengthened by this visible display of God’s love.


In 1970, Brentwood Oaks sent four families to preach the Good News to the Mayan people of the Mid-western Highlands. Currently, we provide support to Baldimar Ruiz as he manages the evangelistic outreach of Health Talents International (HTI) in the Southwestern Coastal Region of Guatemala. New congregation and additional preaching points commonly result from this activity. We fund leadership training seminars which improve the Biblical understanding of preachers across Central America. HTI’s ABC program supports children in Christian families, helping to ensure that they remain in school and active in church. The ABC ministry seeks to provide a physically healthy and biblically literate population for the next generation of the church in Guatemala. To learn more, contact Linda King.

World Bible School

WBS is widely known throughout Churches of Christ as a leader in correspondence course driven Bible study. Through the mailing of printed lessons as well as a strong Internet presence, BOCC teachers are able to share in a growing ministry which teaches the Good News to hundreds of thousands of eager students each year. Contact Stephen Stewart for additional information.


Each year, many of our members serve in the name of Jesus. In order to help these efforts, we provide partial financial assistance through our Member Missions Fund.

This fund provides partial support for BOCC members who donate their time and money to serve in short-term missions.  If you are a member of the Brentwood Oaks congregation and intend to request help for a mission trip, please submit an application at least 60 days in advance of your departure date.

Approximately 10% of our annual mission budget is spent in partnerships with our own members. We prefer to support our members as they work in those areas where Brentwood Oaks already partners with local believers. We serve best when our members perform services which are beyond the abilities of local believers. Many of our university students participate in Spring Break mission trips. We pray that these activities will motivate them to a lifetime of service to God in those places where the light of the Gospel does not yet shine brightly.


FriendSpeak reaches out to our international neighbors with the English language, friendship, and the Word of God. Unlike traditional English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) classes, FriendSpeak is conducted on our campus in a one-to-one setting with the emphasis on relationships and meaningful conversation. Christians meet weekly with their international readers to help them practice their English, discussing the stories of the Gospels from easy-to-read workbooks. Through these conversations, language skills improve, friendships are born, and faith is discussed openly. To join Brentwood Oaks' FriendSpeak ministry, contact Richard Tyler.