Why give? Why online?

We give because, as Christians, we trust God, the giver of all we have. We give because we want to be good stewards and share what we have. We give to support what our church is doing in the cause of Christ. Why online? Mainly to make giving easier: easier to give intentionally and easier to schedule our giving.

About giving online

Brentwood Oaks has selected EasyTithe to handle our online giving. Clicking the link above will direct you to Brentwood Oaks' EasyTithe giving page. If you register, you are registering with EasyTithe. EasyTithe operates using industry-standard security practices for online financial transactions (PCI DSSSSL).

Questions? A common question is: How much does online giving cost the church? Transaction fees are between 2% and 3% depending on how you give. If you have other questions about online giving, feel free to contact John Vandygriff.