Hospitality committee and work crew

We ask men and women of the church to serve in ways which are helpful to our congregation, for one month per year. The time involved is fairly minimal, consisting of perhaps an hour or two each weekend of that month, depending on the tasks.

Women are assigned to serve on our hospitality committee, which acts in a variety of ways relating to our church life. Committee members serve as hostesses for wedding and baby showers; arrange to provide meals for Brentwood Oaks members in special situations, visit hospitals, and serve in other ways including helping with the setup of our first Sunday meals.

Each able-bodied boy and man in the congregation is assigned to a serve on a work crew, one month each year. The work involves some groundskeeping and light facility maintenance, and allows the congregation to conserve funds for other purposes. The crew also does setup and take-down duties for our meals in the Family Life Center.

The members currently assigned to the hospitality committee and work crew are listed on the Assignments page


Each Sunday in our Bible classes we pass baskets, collecting an offering which is dedicated to helping those who find themselves in difficult situations.


In addition to the fellowship that occurs naturally as part of our assemblies, we arrange other opportunities.


On the second and fourth Sunday evening of each month throughout the year, we gather in smaller groups in homes around the city. These meetings usually begin around 5 PM and last a couple of hours. We use this time together for prayer, for a brief devotional reflection, and good, friendly fellowship. Guests are welcomed at all groups. We expect that all members will share in this small group life.

First Sunday meals & hamburgers on the lawn

Every first Sunday of the month at Brentwood Oaks, we plan a strong emphasis on our sharing at the Lord’s Table. From October through May, we extend our sharing to tables in the Family Life Center for a congregaton-wide fellowship meal. This meal provides an opportunity to make new friends and visit with guests. Our Fellowship Team prepares this meal. Each person donates toward the cost of this meal only what might have otherwise been spent that day on the noon meal.

From June through September on third Sunday Evenings following worship, we gather outside for a cookout. Some bring blankets and sit on the ground, while others circle their chairs and enjoy a time of good food and conversation.


When a church has existed for awhile, traditions develop, many of which contribute to the character of the congregation. These traditions aren't gospel, but can be delightful and sometimes important in the life of the church.

Family Retreat

Every year on the last full weekend in March, about 400 people load up their cars and head to our church family retreat at the beautiful HEB Camp in Leakey, Texas. Activities include singing, praise, guest speakers, Bible study, family time, sports, swimming, fishing and filling up on great food. If you can only make one special event per year, this is it. More information is found on the Family Retreat page.

Women’s Retreat

Usually held the last full weekend in February, this is a highlight of our ministry for women. Held in such places as Fredericksburg and Salado, activities include Bible study, prayer, guest speakers, games, shopping, and yes, chocolate … lots of chocolate.

Men’s Retreat

This retreat is usually held in August. This is a time of great fellowship, fishing, Bible study, prayer, guest speakers and golf. No chocolate, but certainly BBQ.

Dedication of children

This event is celebrated on a Sunday in March when, as parents and members of BOCC, we stand to reaffirm our commitments to the children among us. Those participating are parents of children born since our last celebration and families with young children who have become members since the previous year’s event. We invite parents to bring these children before the congregation so that together we might reaffirm our commitment to be godly parents and a church who cares for all its children.