LTC 2019

LTC 2019:  April 19-20

Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) is a program designed for children and youth from 3rd-12th grade. Brentwood Oaks participates in the North Texas Chapter of LTC, which is held in Dallas, Texas on Easter Weekend. The program consists of events and challenges such as Bible Bowl, Bible Quiz, Service Challenge, Teaching Challenge, Art, Chorus, Christian Drama, Christian Puppets performances, Bible Reading, Speech, Song Leading, and Daily Devotional Challenge.

LTC gives our young people the opportunity to develop skills in the areas of teaching and serving others as well as expanding their knowledge of the Bible with Bible Bowl and Bible Quiz. Our young men learn to lead singing and read scripture, which prepares them for leadership in those areas in their home congregations. Our young ladies learn to teach others about Jesus in Bible classes, and both boys and girls learn to serve others and serve our Lord with the Service Challenge. Daily Devotional Challenge encourages them to spend time daily in the Bible and pray for situations in their own lives as well as in the lives of others.

For more information please contact Jackie Boyd or James Henley in the church office. 

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