Through our Emergency Assistance Ministry we assist our local neighbors and those further from the Austin area when emergencies or disaster hits. By mobilizing the congregation to quickly provide disaster assistance for those in need, Brentwood Oaks shows the good works and love of Christ to our neighbors as well as strangers in need.

How can you help?

Keep an eye out for families in your neighborhood who have encountered a recent disaster such as fire, flood, wind damage or some other event which has caused significant finacial strain. Send an email to and we will assess the situation and help where we can. Or you can call Doug Owens or Ryan Rivera (login for directory information). Also, if you are willing to help us with assessing situations and determining the best course of action, please let us know. And, if you can help a family when disaster strikes, let us know so that we can contact you when the time comes.

Current Activities:

  • Working with Travis County and the City of Austin to enable BOCC to assist in Emergency events.

  • Identifying situations where Brentwood can assist those in need.

  • Received training to become part of the Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)—see below.

  • Actively partnering with Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN).

Seven members of Brentwood Oaks or faculty of Brentwood Christian School participated in the City of Austin's training to become part of CERT, Community Emergency Response Teams.  This training included over 24 hours of classroom training over 7 weeks and an additional 12 hours of on-live training.  This training will enable these members to assist the City of Austin in emergency situations and further show God's love through his people to those in crisis.  In addition to those pictured below, Jessica Love from BCS graduated and Sheri DeSpain will graduate in the spring.  Pictured left to right:  Julia Lennous, Ryan Rivera, Doug Owens, Terry Wolfe, and Ray Herrold.