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Family Retreat

The Brentwood Oaks All-Church retreat has been a gathering of our church family at Echo Valley in the H.E.B. Foundation Camps near Leakey, Texas since 1974. In those 40+ years many fish have been caught (and dutifully returned to the Frio River), many softballs tossed, many wonderful meals have been prepared, eaten, and cleaned up after. Many friendships have begun and been nurtured, but most of all many, many people have drawn closer to God and to their Christian brothers and sisters during this time we enjoy together in God’s beautiful creation.

It is a great time to get away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, to slow down and listen to the birds or just to watch children play in the world’s largest sandbox. You can enjoy a cup of coffee quietly down by the waterside while the early morning fog rises out of the Frio and creeps up the cliffs.  Encouragement comes on the wings of the songs we offer in praises to our Lord and Savior.  With those songs and hymns, we realize why the place we gather is named Echo Valley.

During these years many kids who grew up coming to this retreat and are now returning with their own children. Please join us as we continue this tradition of making wonderful memories in this corner of God’s heaven here on earth.

The 2019 Family Retreat is April 12 - April 14 with Jeff Brooks from the Lake Cities Church of Christ speaking to us.