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Every survey done in recent times shows that between 60% and 90% of Christian men are in some type of sexual struggle, be it pornography, pre- or extra-marital sex, paid sex, or "just" sexual fantasy and lust.

If we are to lead our families, and the church of God is to be light and salt to this fallen world, we must return to lives of sexual purity.

Brentwood Oaks is forming our next Conquer Group to combat the issues affecting our ability to live in sexual purity.  

See the trailer here.

What are your BOCC brothers saying about the Conquer Series?

"...informative, comfortable, and confidential.  [The Conquer Series] allows you to connect with other men who understand you, and will become close brothers for encouragement.  Highly recommend it."

"I was experiencing sobriety from porn use, but was not really experiencing freedom from lust and fantasy.  The Conquer Series offers tools and a new perspective for my daily walk with God, encouraging me to break away from the isolation of my addiction by being in regular contact with other men who understand my struggle.  My Conquer Group offers constant encouragement and support to daily pursue lust-free living through the renewing of my mind (Rom. 12:2) and a more intimate relationship with God, my wife, and other men.

"What I like about Conquer Groups is that you're not alone in this battle.  It answers a lot of questions I had and the support I needed to help others do the same to defeat the enemy."

"I've been equipped tremendously by both accountability and a game plan to take on one of the hardest addictions [in] my life.  Having a support group that can help identify triggers that lead to relapse helps me distance myself from [this] sin God."

"Satan uses sex every day, multiple times a day, to entice, ensnare, and ultimately estrange Christian men from God.  Regardless of the type or intensity of your struggle--whether it be "innocent" flirtation, to occasionally browsing pornography, to outright sexual addiction in its various forms--the Conquer Series shines the light on Satan's schemes."

"The Conquer Series equipped me with knowledge, tools, and a support system to break free from 30 years of struggles with sexual sin, and to truly experience the strength God offers to live a sexually pure life."

Are you held captive by unbiblical sexuality?  How do you know?  Find out by taking this anonymous Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST):

Answers are not saved anywhere.

If your SAST test score indicates that you struggle with compulsive or addictive sexual behaviors, please become part of a Conquer Group to prepare you with the weapons and strategies to enter the battle and achieve freedom from sexual captivity.  Complete the form below.

If you have gained freedom from sexual bondage, or otherwise have a heart for men who struggle with purity, become more than a Conqueror by mentoring others as they pursue sexual purity through what they are learning in the Conquer Series.  Please indicate your willingness in the form below.

If you are not yet ready to be a mentor, but are willing to be a prayer warrior for other men in the battle for sexual purity, please indicate that in the form below.

Your response is confidential and will only be seen by Conquer Group Coordinator Gary Sailors. For more information: cell: 512-751-9707, email:

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