Brentwood Bible Study Plan

God's people at Brentwood Oaks believe that all Bible study should lead to knowldedge, understanding and love of God.  

To ensure that we are studying the full spectrum of the Biblical canon, the church has set out a division of the scripture over 4 years, each year anchored by a study of one of the four Gospels.  





Matthew Mark Luke John
James Peter Acts John (Letters)
Galatians Joshua, Judges Philippians Colossians
Exodus Leviticus, Numbers Deuteronomy Genesis
Samuel Kings/Chronicles Ephesians Hebrews
Jeremiah/Lamentations Ezekiel Daniel Isaiah
Thessalonians 1 Corinthians 2 Corinthians Romans
Micah - Malachi Job Hosea - Jonah Revelation
Ecclesiastes Esther Song of Songs Proverbs
Ezra, Nehemiah Timothy Titus, Philemon, Jude Ruth