Adopt a College-Age Member

Announcement runs August 13, 2017 - thru September 30, 2017 Expired

Sign up online to adopt a college-age member.

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Adopt a College-Age Member

We are doing this a little differently than last year, so take a look!

Brentwood Oaks has 55 college-age members ready to be "adopted."  We want them to feel loved and connected to home and church.

How can you help?

  • Adopt one or more college-age members
  • Pray for them!
  • Communicate with them monthly by text, email, or by sending a card

That's all and it's easy.  We'll even send you a friendly reminder each month to do this.

We expect nothing in return from the college-age member, except for them to know that they are loved.

Click here to sign up to adopt.

After you sign up (and give us some preferences if you wish), we will pair you with a college-age member(s).

Watch for more information in your email!

During one First Sunday Meal each semester, everyone will assemble care packages for our college-aged members as a service project during the meal.  BOCC will mail those.  You are welcome to send other care packages throughout the year if you wish, but that is not required.  

Sometime in September, we will send you information about the member(s) you’ve adopted so you can get started.  We’ll also give you a list of tips and ideas about other things you can do if you wish.  But really, all we ask is that you communicate with them monthly.